Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sending Valentines

To receive love, send love.

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite times of the year. Imagine that within this fast-paced and consumer-driven society, we all can still embrace a day where the celebration is focused on the very thing that all humans crave and need, the intangible and invaluable thing called Love.

Recognizing the love that you have for another, whether it be a lover, husband, wife, child, friend or relative is so meaningful in this day and age. When communication has taken the form of 5-second texting, a phone call on one's cell phone or colorless e-mails, communicating love is a welcome message in any form. However, conveying this love to another is made even more special when communicating with something that is tactile, something that satisfies not just one of the human senses, but all 5, or 6 if you subscribe to the existence of the sixth sense of intuition (I do.).

I am a paperphile, a lover of paper. Its tactile, for sure. Handmade cotton papers feel so good to the touch. Ecru-colored deckle-edged letter sheets are a calming respite for the eye. Scented inks laid down on luxurious papers with a glass dipping pen brings happiness to the nose. Opening a sealed envelope and experiencing the brush of paper against paper when removing a love letter or card from its envelope is breath to the ears. An encounter with the little bit of delectable chocolate hidden within the love letter's folds satisfies the tongue. And finally, reading heartfelt words written from one's heart to another certainly tingles one's sense of intuition, one's spirit.

The expression of love is always welcome, in my book. Whether its been years since you've communicated your nostalgic feelings to an old friend from your high school days, or if you've just been in a quarrel with a lover or spouse, or if you are simply in the middle of the daily routine of picking up your child from school, choosing to be open with your heart is a gift for not only the recipient, but a gift to yourself. The act of giving love or loving someone fills your own heart. Make this expression of love truly a gift by taking the time to write and record on a handmade card (preferably by you) or a piece of handmade paper made of cotton rag. And if these vehicles of communication are simply not available to you, reach for a recycled piece of copy paper from your fax machine, pick up a pen, any pen, and scribe what's in your heart. There is nothing better than to receive love in the form of the written word.

With love,
Wanda Soolip Wen