Monday, August 30, 2010

Top 10 Compelling Arguments for Enrolling Your Child In Our Cotillion

1.We offer a safe and welcoming environment for all students who wish to participate in our program.

2.We present a comprehensive curriculum that takes the traditional tenets of cotillion and fashions them into modern vernacular that is more fun and relatable for today's children.

3.We are passionate about ending the growing violence, anger and rude behavior that is running rampant in our schools and in society in general.

4.We are concerned that children are losing their basic conversation and face-to-face communication skills and therefore make it a priority to practice and refine these skills in each of our sessions.

5.We empower and encourage children to be their best naturally, to have respect for themselves as well as others, and to take responsibility for their role in society.

6.We are troubled by the disproportionate amount of time children are spending on social media and have become advocates for educating children on the importance of online as well as offline behavior.

7.We supply children with life tools that will help break down physical inhibitions, instill confidence, improve communication, build character, foster positive relationships, face challenges and develop mutual respect in a structured, nurturing environment.

8. We acknowledge our increasingly global society by teaching children to be tolerant of different cultures and diverse socioeconomic classes.

9. We provide a sense of community and connectedness for both children and parents to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings and concerns regarding today's toughest issues.

10. We are on a personal mission to raise the awareness level on civility, respect and kindness so that children are not only reciting "The Golden Rule," they are truly living it!