Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From The Source: Manners, Like a Tiffany's Box, Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to the world of manners, Tiffany & Co. knows a thing or two about its importance. A Company steeped in tradition and heritage, manners and etiquette are a vital part of day to day business. Whether it be assisting a client with the purchase of the perfect engagement ring, styling a customer for her first big interview, helping design the appropriate china for a dinner party, navigating a client relationship…manners and etiquette guide client interactions everyday. They are the foundation for enduring relationships and are a major part of Tiffany’s values and identity. Jonathan Bruckner, Vice President of the Southwest Region, speaks about how Tiffany and manners are so intimately tied…
BHM: I remember my father taking me to Tiffany’s to purchase my first watch, a Baume and Mercier gorgeous delicate timepiece. I recently read a New York Times article that an increasing number of college freshman don’t even wear watches because they are using their cell phones as timepieces! How can we convince young consumers today that there is value in everlasting, classic accessories?

JB: A fine timepiece is so much more than just keeping time; it is engineered with the belief that it will be passed down from generation to generation. A timepiece, like jewelry, marks the important milestones in our lives, just as you experienced with your (very wise!) father. They invoke memories and speak volumes about the wearer, giving insight into the wearer’s personal values. There is something very tangible about the beauty and the value of a fine timepiece, and I really believe a timepiece is the perfect marriage between fashion and function. Like the shoes you wear or the car your drive, a watch goes a long way into conveying your personal and professional persona. At Tiffany & Co, our watches feature classic elements that refuse to go out of style, so year after year you can rely on your timepiece as a joy forever.

BHM: You recently launched a line of exquisite handbags, for both women and men, designed by dynamic duo handbag makers Lambertson Truex. Do you feel that owning a well-crafted bag adds personal value and defines the man or woman of today’s world?

JB: Well, my wife would tell you that one should never be limited to just one bag! She’s in good company too; John Truex, of the design team Lambertson Truex, changes his wallet to match his shoes! His design partner, Richard Lambertson, aptly notes that shopping for a handbag is such a feel-good purchase, just like shopping for jewelry. Accessories define high fashion, and just like a fine timepiece, a well-crafted bag certainly speaks to wearer’s values and identity. The pieces in the new Tiffany Leather Collection are a true labor of love; it takes over thirty pieces to make one wallet from our collection. Indeed, some of the more detailed handbags from our collection result from months of several artists’ and craftsmen’s work, all bestowing the same thoughtfulness as that of a couture gown. When you carry a luxury handbag, you are making a personal statement that you value the care and professionalism that went into the bag’s construction. I love that the Tiffany Leather Collection offers a variety of colors and silhouettes, all with the unmistakable signature Tiffany quality and constancy, so that each individual can tell their own unique story.

BHM: Tiffany & Company’s iconic eggshell blue boxes are a huge part of their brand identity. Everyone knows that a gift from Tiffany’s means you are receiving something that is at once precious and timeless. What are some of the values that Tiffany’s holds dearest and what do you think drives the clientele to return year after year?

JB: I think that you have touched upon a couple of very important attributes to what makes Tiffany & Co. so special: timeless design, exquisite craftsmanship, and world class service. We believe that our products represent the world of good taste and remain above the whim of fashion. Our mission is to deliver warm, gracious, and efficient service that builds enduring relationships with our clients. Tiffany has a deep association with families that transcends generations. When you choose Tiffany, you are making a statement of how much you care. Each day, we are sincerely honored and humbled to be a part of our customer’s celebrations, and as a celebration destination we work to live up to our customers’ dreams and highest expectations. All of this wrapped in the iconic blue box!

Jonathan Bruckner
Vice President, Southwest Region
Tiffany & Co.
210 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, CA. 90210